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February 17, 2020

Where will Germans travel in the future? How will Germans travel in the next 20 years? Europeans have big travel and tourism expectations, with German leading in creativity.

Space tourism is a big yes in Germany. Will it include the moon? Perhaps! Germans set no limit in future travel and preparations are in full swing.

This is the result of a survey done by a leading german online tour operator.

42 percent are convinced top travel destinations will include travel to space.
This year NASA will open space for tourism.

Germans believe in the future of hyperloop as a method of transport. Virgin Hyperloop One is testing a system that would put passengers in pods hurtling through a vacuum at a speed exceeding 600mph or 900 km. Other companies are moving ahead with similar plans.

What about beaming people like in the movie “Star Trek” 9% of German travelers asked are convinced there will be a new option for travelers to explore faraway galaxies.

70% of Germans think photos will be replaced with reality glasses, allowing to re-experience travel over and over again.

This is bad news for Spain: 25% of Germans have enough of bad weather and planes. They think in 20 years technologies can manipulate weather, making it unnecessary to strive to warmer climates.

50% of all German asked are hoping technology will reduce ques at airports. 22% want a personal butler in the form of a personal robot, and 15% expect a 3D printer in hotel rooms.

55% expect perfect internet and streaming services on every aircraft. 37% are asking to bring supersonic planes back. 28% of Germans want beds on planes regardless of the class of service booked.

17% of Germans want to travel on flying cruise ships with games and entertainment, 16% would prefer a catering service on airplanes delivering their favorite meal.

Ladies want more comfort, men prefer speed.